Premier Foundation

About Premier Foundation

Premier Foundation, located in Taipei City, Taiwan, is a private, nonprofit organization founded in July, 1998. It is committed to providing education and services for blind and visually impaired children with or without other disabilities across Taiwan. The foundation has kept exploring the needs of blind and visually impaired children and has provided them educational related services based on their needs.

The main services that the foundation provides are as follows.

  1. Library services: The library at Premier Foundation provides free services throughout Taiwan to school-aged children who are unable to read traditional print materials due to a visual or physical disability. Also, special education teachers can utilize our resources for their teaching purposes.

    The library’s collection includes both Chinese and English picture books with Braille transcription attached to each page. Audio books are also available for many of our collection. The service aims to encourage children with vision impairments to develop their reading habits and to let them be able to read with their parents and siblings who cannot read Braille.
  2. Courses for children with vision impairments: The courses that we offer are very diverse and are distinguished from the traditional school curriculum. Our courses covers the following four major areas:languages, math/science experiments, art, and mental/physical development. All of these classes share a common goal, that is, to let the children experience the joy of learning and reach their greatest potential.
  3. Activities for children with vision impairments and their families: During summer and winter vacations, we develop a wide range of activities—including English camps, science camps, etc.—to let them gain new knowledge while playing. Also, we hold outdoors activities in different areas across Taiwan to give the children who are visually impaired and their families chances to get closer to nature and discover the world.

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